Perk Up, Hayes! Starbucks Set to Open New Store beside Chesapeake Bank

GLOUCESTER – Starbucks, the renowned coffeehouse chain headquartered in Seattle, has made a significant move in expanding its reach in Gloucester County. The company recently purchased a prime parcel of land measuring approximately four and a half acres from Chesapeake Bank in Hayes. This strategic acquisition will allow Starbucks to construct a brand new store adjacent to the bank, strengthening its presence in the area.

The newly acquired property, located at 3029 George Washington Memorial Highway on the east side of the road, sits at the intersection with Powhatan Drive. This prime location ensures high visibility and accessibility for customers. Notably, there is already an existing Starbucks located nearby within the Kroger supermarket.

The transaction was completed for a purchase price of $525,000, indicating Starbucks’ commitment to investing in the local community. While specific details regarding the timeline for construction are currently unavailable, the acquisition signals Starbucks’ intention to bring its unique coffee experience to the residents of Gloucester in the near future.

Efforts to obtain further information from Starbucks officials, including the anticipated opening date and specific store features, have thus far been unsuccessful. Multiple phone calls and emails to the company’s representatives remain unanswered. However, this silence has not dampened the excitement among locals who eagerly await the arrival of this beloved coffee chain.

Gloucester County has witnessed a surge in new Starbucks locations across the Peninsula in recent months, indicating the region’s popularity as a thriving market for the coffee giant. Apart from the forthcoming store in Hayes, Starbucks has opened or is planning to open additional locations in Norge (James City County), downtown Williamsburg, J. Clyde Morris Boulevard (Newport News), and even on the campus of Hampton University.

As Starbucks continues its expansion efforts, the company is poised to cater to the growing demand for high-quality coffee and a welcoming environment for patrons across Gloucester County. With the strategic land acquisition in Hayes, Starbucks has solidified its commitment to serving the local community and providing a familiar gathering place for coffee enthusiasts.

While construction timelines and specific store details are yet to be disclosed, Gloucester residents can look forward to enjoying their favorite Starbucks beverages in the convenience of a new location, making their coffee experiences all the more delightful and accessible.

Starbucks’ acquisition of land from Chesapeake Bank in Hayes marks an exciting development for the coffeehouse giant’s expansion in Gloucester County. The purchase of nearly four and a half acres at a prime location demonstrates Starbucks’ commitment to investing in the local community and providing an enhanced coffee experience for residents. While specific details about the construction timeline and store features remain undisclosed, the anticipation among locals is palpable.

Gloucester County has become a favored market for Starbucks, as evidenced by the recent opening and planned locations across the Peninsula. This expansion highlights the region’s growing popularity and demand for Starbucks’ signature coffee and inviting ambiance. With the addition of a new store adjacent to Chesapeake Bank, Starbucks aims to create a familiar gathering place for coffee enthusiasts and offer a convenient location for customers in the area.

While further communication with Starbucks officials has been unsuccessful, the silence has not dampened the enthusiasm surrounding the upcoming store. Gloucester residents can anticipate the arrival of their beloved coffee chain, adding to the vibrant coffee culture in the county.

As construction progresses and the new Starbucks takes shape, locals can look forward to indulging in their favorite beverages, fostering community connections, and savoring moments of comfort and delight that Starbucks is known for delivering. The expansion exemplifies Starbucks’ commitment to providing exceptional coffee experiences while enriching the local communities it serves.

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