Exciting Developments: New Starbucks Set to Open in Hermitage

HERMITAGE — In an exciting development, plans for Hermitage’s second Starbucks are advancing following a favorable vote by the city’s Board of Commissioners. The proposed location, situated at 2079 E. State St., Hermitage, aims to host a 2,400 sq. ft. Starbucks building, accompanied by a 576-square-foot patio and various site improvements, as outlined in city documents.

During the commissioners’ meeting on May 24, the plan garnered unanimous approval, marking a significant step forward. The chosen site, at the intersection of East State Street and North Buhl Farm Drive, formerly housed a Denny’s restaurant, which closed in February 2020 and was subsequently demolished in April 2022.

If the proposal receives final approval, this new Starbucks will complement the existing one located near Hobby Lobby at 3342 E. State St., making it the second Starbucks in Hermitage.

Before securing the commissioners’ vote, the plan underwent a thorough review and gained approval from the Hermitage Planning Commission in early May. While the planning commission had some suggestions regarding the building’s design, they granted approval along with two zoning waivers relating to the city’s cross-connection and parking space requirements.

Representing the Wallace Pancher Group, Graham Ferry attended the planning commission meeting and clarified that the second Starbucks is intended to supplement rather than replace the existing one.

During the commissioners’ meeting, Hermitage City Manager Gary Hinkson was asked about the timeline for the new Starbucks. Hinkson responded that the opening date for the location is currently unknown.

As of Wednesday, Hinkson mentioned that Starbucks officials are finalizing a few remaining contingencies necessary for the land development plan. Once completed, the plan will be recorded, followed by the issuance of a building permit, marking another significant step toward bringing the new Starbucks to Hermitage.

Further updates and anticipation surround the progress of Hermitage’s second Starbucks as the plans move closer to fruition. The approval from the city’s Board of Commissioners signifies the community’s enthusiasm for welcoming another Starbucks location to the area. The proposed site, previously occupied by a Denny’s restaurant, holds the promise of transforming into a vibrant coffee hub.

The city’s Planning Commission played a crucial role in ensuring the project’s adherence to local regulations and design standards. Their recommendations for the building’s design and the granted zoning waivers demonstrate a collaborative effort to create a visually appealing and functional space.

Graham Ferry of the Wallace Pancher Group, who was present during the planning commission meeting, emphasized that the new Starbucks will work in harmony with the existing one, providing more options for coffee enthusiasts in Hermitage. This expansion not only reflects the demand for Starbucks products but also showcases the city’s growth and vibrant business landscape.

Although the opening date for the new Starbucks remains uncertain, the city manager, Gary Hinkson, assured that Starbucks officials are diligently working on the final contingencies required for the land development plan. The completion of these contingencies will pave the way for recording the plan and subsequently obtaining a building permit.

Hermitage residents eagerly anticipate the arrival of the second Starbucks, envisioning a space that will not only cater to their coffee cravings but also serve as a community gathering spot. With the city’s support and the continued progress of the project, it won’t be long before the aroma of freshly brewed Starbucks coffee fills the air, marking another milestone in Hermitage’s growing coffee culture.

the plans for Hermitage’s second Starbucks have gained significant momentum with the unanimous approval from the city’s Board of Commissioners. The proposed location, situated on the former site of a Denny’s restaurant, holds the promise of a vibrant coffee destination. The collaboration between the Planning Commission and Starbucks officials ensures that the new store will seamlessly integrate with the existing one, offering an enhanced coffee experience for residents.

While the exact opening date for the new Starbucks remains uncertain, the dedication of Starbucks officials and the completion of final contingencies for the land development plan signify that progress is well underway. The anticipation among Hermitage residents continues to grow as they eagerly await the arrival of this new coffee hub, which will not only satisfy their caffeine cravings but also contribute to the community’s social fabric.

With each step closer to obtaining the building permit, the vision of a bustling second Starbucks in Hermitage becomes more tangible. As construction takes shape, residents can look forward to a space that fosters connections, embraces sustainability, and supports local causes.

The impending arrival of Hermitage’s second Starbucks signifies the city’s growth and its embrace of a vibrant coffee culture. It reflects the community’s desire for more options and the recognition of Starbucks as a brand that brings people together. Ultimately, the addition of this new Starbucks will further enrich the dynamic fabric of Hermitage, providing residents with an inviting space to enjoy their favorite beverages and create lasting memories.

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