Behind Closed Walls: Starbucks Prepares to Wow EPCOT Visitors

New Construction Walls Surround Starbucks at EPCOT in Walt Disney World

Visitors to EPCOT at Walt Disney World were met with the sight of newly erected construction walls surrounding the Starbucks located near Refreshment Port. This particular Starbucks was initially constructed as a temporary location back in 2019.

The walls, which are of a serene sage green color and relatively low in height, are likely indicative of routine refurbishment or minor construction work.

Along with the installation of the construction walls, the Starbucks logo sign featuring the iconic green and white siren has been temporarily removed from the exterior of the building.

Fortunately, despite the presence of the walls, access to Refreshment Port remains unaffected, allowing guests to enjoy its offerings.

Additionally, various other construction projects are currently underway at EPCOT. One notable update is the reopening of the popcorn stand in World Discovery, which is now accessible to guests after a two-month refurbishment period. The stand, situated across from the MISSION: Space attraction, features a roof that matches the newly painted silver color of the metal bars beneath its curved red and silver structure.

Meanwhile, EPCOT continues to witness progress on other fronts, including the construction of the CommuniCore Hall, Journey of Water Inspired by Moana, and the removal of the Harmonious barges.

The demolition of the Harmonious barges has been captured by aerial photographer @bioreconstruct, with two of the taco-shaped barges and the circular “stargate” barge already removed from the World Showcase Lagoon. The final performance of Harmonious took place on April 2, and the removal process commenced shortly after, with one barge vanishing by April 10.

The forthcoming CommuniCore Hall and Plaza are poised to become versatile spaces, catering to a range of functions during the park’s various festivals. These areas will house a meet and greet spot for Mickey & Friends, a demo kitchen, a mixology bar, a gallery space, and more. Disney envisions this space being utilized for a multitude of festival offerings throughout the year.

Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana,” represents a significant milestone in the ongoing reimagination of EPCOT. According to CEO Bob Iger, it is set to open later this year, alongside Dreamer’s Point, CommuniCore Hall, and CommuniCore Plaza.

As construction progresses within EPCOT, it sparks curiosity about what lies behind the newly erected walls. Are you eagerly anticipating the completion of these projects, or are you excited to witness more construction work in EPCOT? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

The appearance of new construction walls around the Starbucks near Refreshment Port in EPCOT signals exciting changes underway at Walt Disney World. While the specific purpose of these walls remains unknown, it is clear that some form of refurbishment or minor construction is taking place within the Starbucks location. The removal of the iconic Starbucks logo sign further adds to the anticipation of what’s to come.

Despite the construction, guests can still enjoy the offerings at Refreshment Port without disruption. Additionally, EPCOT is buzzing with several other projects, including the completion of the World Discovery popcorn stand refurbishment and the ongoing construction of the ComminiCore Hall and Plaza, Journey of Water Inspired by Moana, and the removal of Harmonious barges.

As EPCOT continues its transformation, visitors are left eagerly speculating about the changes occurring behind the construction walls. It is an exciting time for Disney fans, and anticipation is building for the grand reveal of the revamped areas within the park.

Stay tuned for further updates on the progress and developments at EPCOT. The future looks promising as the park evolves to offer new and immersive experiences to its guests.

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