All Starbucks Employees in U.S. and Canada Participate in 2-Hour Connection Sessions

In its commitment to reinvention and fostering strong connections, Starbucks continues its tradition of bringing partners (employees) together for intentional moments of collaboration. Over the past year, partners from baristas to store leaders have engaged in numerous listening and collaboration sessions worldwide, aligning with the company’s mission of honoring its heritage while modernizing for the future. As the next step in this journey, Starbucks announces the commencement of All-Store Partner Sessions, taking place from April 24 to May 8, involving 250,000 partners across 10,000 stores in the United States and Canada.

The primary objective of these sessions is to deepen the bond among partners while connecting them to Starbucks’ customers and the brand’s rich coffee legacy. During the sessions, partners will have dedicated time for team building, exchanging ideas, and fostering meaningful interactions. The initiative is designed to be relevant for all baristas, regardless of their tenure, and aims to reinforce the significance of connection within the company’s history.

The All-Store Partner Sessions provide dedicated time for team building and idea sharing, catering to partners at all levels of experience within the organization. Store managers play a vital role in designing and facilitating these two-hour sessions, tailoring them to meet the specific needs of their teams. By drawing upon their personal experiences and insights, managers can create an environment that encourages interactive activities and meaningful conversations. The primary objective is to help partners develop a profound understanding of the concept of connection while appreciating the historical significance of this moment for the company.

To ensure maximum participation, store managers have the flexibility to adjust store operations during the sessions. Some meetings may be conducted during regular business hours, while others may take place after the store’s closing time. Starbucks provides comprehensive resources, including facilitator and planning guides, poster invitations to generate excitement, and Everyday Uplift! Team Connect Cards. Moreover, partners will be treated to chocolate croissants and the newly crafted Green Apron Blend, which reflects the dedication of Starbucks partners to creating exceptional experiences.

During the sessions, partners will engage in a structured format focused on the art of connection. Divided into three segments, the sessions begin with a coffee tasting experience featuring the Starbucks Green Apron Blend, accompanied by an introductory video featuring the CEO, Laxman Narasimhan. The subsequent segment emphasizes connecting with the team, incorporating activities such as self-reflection, speed connecting, share-outs, and team recognition. The final segment centers on connecting with customers, allowing partners to identify their unique connection strengths, discuss meaningful connection moments, and share their intentions for the future.

Following the conclusion of the All-Store Partner Sessions, store managers and above will gather for debriefing sessions to discuss any emerging ideas, strategies, and inspirations that arose during the sessions. Ongoing conversations surrounding partner development will continue during regular partner meetings.

The overarching goal of the All-Store Partner Sessions is to empower Starbucks partners in three key ways. Firstly, partners are encouraged to take ownership and influence their work environment, contributing to its improvement. Secondly, partners are inspired to bring energy and create meaningful connections with their team members during each shift. Lastly, partners are encouraged to expand their expertise and establish deeper connections with customers.

For partners like Roni, who vividly remembers the impact of connecting with fellow partners when she first joined Starbucks as a barista eight years ago, this company-wide initiative presents a unique opportunity to strengthen their alignment with the Starbucks mission. By creating a space where partners can freely express their thoughts and generate new ideas, the sessions foster a sense of unity and collaboration among partners, promoting personal growth and a deeper connection to the brand’s values.

Starbucks’ All-Store Partner Sessions serve as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering connections and driving collaboration among its partners. By organizing these sessions, Starbucks aims to strengthen the bonds between partners, instill a sense of ownership, and deepen engagement with customers. Through interactive activities, meaningful conversations, and a focus on the art of connection, partners have the opportunity to reflect on their role within the company and enhance their craft. With store managers at the helm, these sessions empower partners to shape their work environment and contribute to its improvement. The All-Store Partner Sessions signify a new chapter in Starbucks’ journey of reinvention, as the company positions itself for the future while staying true to its rich coffee heritage. By prioritizing these intentional moments of connection, Starbucks ensures that its partners are equipped to create exceptional experiences for both their teammates and customers, ultimately strengthening the brand’s mission and values.

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